Potentials of combining nanomaterials and stem cell therapy in myocardial repair.

 Jul 13, 2018

Publication: Nanomedicine (London, England)

Cardiac diseases have become the leading cause of death worldwide. Developing efficient strategies to treat such diseases is of great urgency. Stem cell-based regeneration medicine offers a novel approach for heart repair. However, low retention and poor survival rate of engrafted cells limit its applications. Nanomaterials have shown great potentials in addressing above issues due to nanoparticles-bio interactions. Therefore, combining nanomaterials and stem cell therapy is of great interest and significance for heart repair. Herein, we provide a comprehensive understanding of the applications of four types of nanomaterials (nanogels, polymeric nanomaterials, inorganic nanomaterials and exosomes) in stem cell therapy for myocardial repair. In addition, we launch an initial discussion on current problems and more importantly, possible solutions for myocardial repair.