Tag: "Neoplasms"

The tumorigenic potential of pluripotent stem cells: What can we do to minimize it?

BioEssays : news and reviews in molecular, cellular and developmental biology

Friday 20 October 2017

Exosomes: From Garbage Bins to Promising Therapeutic Targets.

International journal of molecular sciences

Thursday 02 March 2017

Bioengineering embryonic stem cell microenvironments for the study of breast cancer.

International journal of molecular sciences

Tuesday 08 November 2011

Can cancer be reversed by engineering the tumor microenvironment?

Seminars in cancer biology

Tuesday 01 April 2008

Human embryonic stem cell microenvironment suppresses the tumorigenic phenotype of aggressive cancer cells.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Tuesday 11 March 2008